Devlog 1: What is The Last Song?

Hey there this is my first blog post about my project The Last Song. You probably ask yourself what is this about? The Last Song is a Metroidvania game or at least it should be one once it’s done. The game will incorporate rhythm elements in it’s game and level design. Since it is still not hard enough to make a fun game on it’s own I want to add story to the game and cutscenes gosh I love cutscenes and story. Not to spoil too much but it’s going to be a love story. Since this is a devlog you will figure out together with me how the fuck we are going to do all of that. But I already have some ideas. So enjoy the ride!

So now that the basic idea is laid out let’s talk about what is already there. The project is already in development since November 2022. At least the first ideas were born there. What did I already achieve during this time? I did the art direction and created some art assets. Beware I am not an artist ๐Ÿ˜. I am more of a programmer but I have an eye for aesthetics. I decided that game needs simple visuals so that I can produce them in a doable amount of time.

Simplistic 2D Art Style

The next thing I already laid out is the first iteration of the game design. I already know that I want to have level elements like e.g. platforms that react to a rhythm. The player will be able to manipulate the rhythm and/or the activation of the level elements. The second thing is that I want to have no combat in the game. With this decision I am not quite sure yet because I don’t know that many metroidvanias that pulled that off ๐Ÿ˜‚ but lets see I will let you know when I will have some findings. The overall platforming should be about flow and solving small riddles in the level sections.

Manipulate the rhythm and/or the activation of the level elements.

Me litterly 4 Sentences Ago

I also did some level design of basic platforming sections nothing too fancy and tried out the typical metroidvania forking of level sections. This feels already very cool since the player is able to explore a little bit on their own.

The player has to decide where to go

I think I will sum it up here. I could keep talking about little things I did and technical stuff but I will keep that for another time. Thanks for reading this devlog I really appreciate it ๐Ÿค—.

PS: I will try to post these devlogs regularly.

PPS: If you like what you see and want a bit more regular updates you can checkout my Mastodon or Twitter





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