Devlog 2: Vacation

Hey there. Welcome to my second devlog for the game I am currently working on. The last song is a 2D metroidvania with rhythm elements.

Soooo what happend this week? Not much because I took a vacation. Where you may ask? I went to the mountains in Styria with some friends for a couple of days. There we enjoyed the remote stress-free life.

Some impressions of the trip.

It was nice to get off work for a couple of days. Probably the best thing was getting off my phone and not planning anything for my day.

But even tho I was on vacation I did spent some thoughts on the game. I was thinking about how I could improve the animation creation for the character. Currently I create the animations directly in Godot which fine in theory since Godot has animation tools and 2d skeletons, but sadly IK bones for 2D rigs are broken right now. That means that I currently have to animate all bones by hand which is tedious. Paired with the lets say not soo optimal animation tools Godot offers the workflow is a bit of a chore.

How to improve the animation workflow?

There is this cool program called blender. You probably heard of that and well the program is mainly a program for 3D stuff. But you can also use it for 2D animation and rigging. I thought I could create the rig that I have in the game in blender and create the animations there. But here we come to the real problem. I don’t know how to import the rig to Godot to be a 2D Skeleton. If I don’t find an importer I need to export the animations as sprite animations. That is fine in theory but if I later decide that I want some dynamic interactions in the game this workflow could get problematic. But hey how do they say. You ain’t gonna need it. So let’s see if this works. I will let you know when it does.

So yeah this was my week in a nutshell. I hope you had a nice one. Thanks for reading this devlog it means a lot to me. And for all of you who are celebrating happy Easter! See ya next week.






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