Devlog 5: Story & Lasers

Hey, welcome to my devlog. I am currently working on my project The Last Song. The Last Song is a 2D Metroidvania with rhythm puzzle elements and a focus on story.

So what did I do this week?


I’ve been writing the story for the game. Most of the important story points are there I would say. Right now the script is very dialog-heavy, but I am not sure yet if this is the right storytelling type for this kind of game.

I talked yesterday with a friend who also previously worked on the game. He will join the project in a few weeks again.

My friend suggested a more “show don’t tell” way of storytelling. He mentioned games like Gris or Return of the Obra Dinn. As far as I know, both games use a more indirect way of telling their story. This is cool because the player can interpret on their own what the game is trying to tell them.

But I still have to play those games to get a better sense of how they do their storytelling exactly.

The way the script is currently written goes more in the direction of games like Oxenfree. The characters talk a lot with each other and the player sees how they bond their relationship over time.

We will pick a path eventually and when we are doing that I will let you know.

Lasers & Levers

On Friday I also started building a new level with 3 mechanics. The first one is a laser the second one is a lever and the third one is a beat machine.

The laser kills the player on contact.
The Lever activates something.

So did I learn something? Short answer. Yes, I did.

Creating levels is in my eyes the best way to see what I forgot to think about when I did the design. And let me tell you I forgot to think about a lot. For example.

What should the laser do when getting activated? Should it move? Rotate? Activate/Deactivate? When making the level you start to realize that you need to get more precise with what you want to do with the mechanic. So I created the components I needed to fulfill my design questions.

Simple components create complex behavior

With the simple building blocks, I created small puzzle rooms the player needs to solve.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and see ya next time!





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