Devlog 6: Playing Gris

Hello and welcome to my devlog. I am Savo and I am currently working on my game The Last Song. The Last Song is a 2D Metroidvania with a focus on story.

Another week another devlog what happened this time?


On Monday I added some nodes to the game to reset the state of other nodes in a level. Or in short, I can now reset stuff if the player dies. 😄

Laser Resets on Player Death


On Tuesday I didn’t work on the game because I was testing a Godot plugin a friend of mine is working on. It’s an asset placer & asset library tool. I spent the whole day testing it and while doing so I was making a small 3D Level. It was fun doing a bit of stuff outside of my main project.

Level Created With The Asset Placer Tool


Last week I was telling you that I wanted to play Gris to see how they tell their story. Since I had the game already in my Steam library I decided to play it. And wow that game is just amazing. I am not going to talk too much about it. But the way that game uses Audio, Music, and Visuals is very touching. If you haven’t played it yet I really recommend it.


I finished Gris and I cried. Twice. It was beautiful. I also started to have a look at games that are tagged as Metroidvanias on Steam. Right now I am still very unsure what the essence of the game should be and I hope by playing some games that I will get closer to the answer. I struggle pretty much with the rhythm + no combat restriction I set myself. But let’s see, if I find it not fun to play I will definitely rethink those boundaries.

So that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading my devlog I really appreciate it. See ya next time!





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