Devlog 8: Reading A Theory of Fun

Hey, there welcome to my Devlog. I am Savo and I am currently working on my game The Last Song. The Last Song is a 2D platformer with a strong focus on story. So what did I do this week?

I started working out more concepts for the game and did some game design. But that is all still very work in progress.

Reading A Theory of Fun for Game Design

On Tuesday I got my new Kindle. (I accidentally destroyed my old one upsi.) I took this opportunity to start reading A Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster. The author talks in the book about games and fun. He states that games are there for us so that we can learn. And that the process of learning is the thing that is fun to us.

It is a very interesting take and it let me see games from a very different perspective than before. I can recommend the book to everybody interested in game design.

Visiting Berlin

On Wednesday I drove to Berlin to visit a friend this is also where I am staying right now. I will be there till the end of next week.

That is also the reason why there is not much to show this week. But I hope you forgive me 🤗

Anyways thanks for reading and see ya next week.






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