Devlog 7: Rethinking Vision

Hello and welcome to my Devlog. I am Savo and I am currently working on my game The Last Song.

So what happened this week?

Rethinking Vision

Emil and I had a call at the start of the week. We discussed the state of the game. We also discussed how we envisioned the game and we found out that we both had a slightly different vision of it.

So we sat there for multiple hours and we were explaining to each other our visions. After some time we found an idea that clicked with both of us. It was mostly about the type of game we want to make.

So we decided to go with a casual experience that focuses more on the story and less on gameplay. This also means that we will be scrapping the Metroidvania aspects for more puzzle-based gameplay elements.

Learning Gamedesign

I took the opportunity to learn more about game design. My game design to this day has been the gut-feeling type approach. After researching a bit I found a few cool tools you could use as a game designer to improve your designs.

Skill Atoms are one of these tools I found. The concept is pretty simple but very eye-opening once you think about it. I will not go into detail, but if you want to look into it, here is a link to Daniel Cooks Skill Atoms.

I also watched a lot of GDC talks about game design. There was one thing I noticed that I like to try out. Most of them did their game design to a very detailed level and made a lot of decisions before touching anything code related. My approach was usually working on a game design very vaguely and then figuring stuff out on the go. You can see where this leads to. Most of the time I would program something and hit a wall because I did not think about the design enough.

So that’s it for this week. I am pretty sure that the next few weeks will just be me thinking of a lot of designs and then formalizing that before doing anything game engine related.

Anyways thanks for reading my devlog and see ya next time!





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